19 October 2009  -  30 January 2010

Always remembered by SHANNON  HARRIS & FAMILY


A letter from SHANNON..........

dear Joyce.

last year your hubby helped us with regards to a labour issue we had
at our company (we sent a heating pad to you for your yorkies) and my
mom and i have been reading your monthly news letter that you e-mail
us ever since.

i have always found your site very informative and visit it at least
once a week.

in October last year, my parents ordered me my own adorable little
yorkie pup. (my mom has a yorkie and i have always been gaga about them)
i waited with baited breath until December the 11th when i could
finally fetch my baby. the first time i laid eyes on her, i felt as
if i had been given a piece of heaven to hold in my hands... we were
inseparable from then on.
my little chou-chou was an amazing part of my family. she brought joy
to each and every person that met her. she truly was an angel.

on Saturday the 30th of Jan... my angel grew wings and went to heaven
to be with god...
we have just moved into a new house and yorkie-proofed the garden as
soon as we arrived... however, there was a tiny drain pipe that lead
into our neighbors garden (un benounced to us)
chou-chou managed to squeeze herself through the pipe and got into
their garden. they have a pool that is completely uncovered and my
little angel fell in. i jumped over the wall, got her out of the pool
and did CPR on her... but it was to late...
my whole world has come crashing down around me and i feel lost
without my baby....
i know my baby is in heaven looking down on me and that one day... we
will be together again...

please warn people to check every inch of their garden (especially if
they live in a complex) as a tiny little pipe left unnoticed, can
cause complete devastation in the blink of an eye.
i would never want any one to suffer the hurt that my family and i
are going through.
we have sealed the pipe now and i have checked my garden every day
for any little hole, nook or cranny due to the fact that my mom often
visits me with her little yorkie.

i just wanted to share my story with you due to the fact that i have
taken comfort in looking at your cute little yorkies on your gallery
page and reading the stories posted on the rainbow bridge.

although i no longer have my little angel, i will still visit your
site every week.
i thank you for the knowledge that you share and the time that you
take to keep yorkie owners informed on the raising and care of these
amazing little creatures.

god bless you and all your yorkie babies.