The 10th February 2010 was a very sad day for the Pelser family. Their Biewer Yorkie Dominique of Eljemelo, died tragically from head injuries when her owner, lost control of her vehicle on the way to the vet.


I (Elsa Jacobs) often spoke to Danien who described Dommie, (her nick name) as being an entertainer per excellance. Dominique loved and lived life to the full, a vibrant little girl.  One has no idea why things like this happen; it definitely does not strengthen us. Our heartfelt sympathy to Danien and her family from bytcsa.  The car was a write off, and thankfully no one else sustained serious injury.  We celebrate the memory of Dominique.


I miss the wagging little tail;

I miss the plaintive, pleading wail;

I miss the wistful loving glance;

I miss the circling welcome dance.