It is amazing HOW LOW some people go well lets put it this way not ONLY the people but the LIKES OF THESE sensation seeking businesses out there that THRIVE (or they believe they do) bringing or TRYING TO BRING OTHERS DOWN.... know who i am on  about -  the new kid on the block. ONLY a matter of time that they go DOWN, DOWN and really DOWN.....

Shame this BUNCH now have taken on their predecessors complaints i guess maybe bought them, who knows, but to have paid their PREDECESSORS to have your name cleared and the COMPANY at that time, advising this was an unacceptable complaint, unjustifiable complaint then to see it back on the newbies site 10 years after the fact NO reason for that, really is something.   SPEAKS VOLUMES that they have to go back TEN YEARS for their business to take off for somethign i was CLEARED of being guilty of.

PEOPLE out there beware. if this is what they are all about, BEWARE more so than ever.  Grasping at straws.

It is a joke that someone can complain TAKE EVERYTHING OUT OF CONTEXT PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT THEY SAY and get away with it.  HOWEVER as the saying goes, dig a hole for someone else, who knows you may find yourself  DOWN THAT HOLE...  What is a real joke about this one, HER FRIEND phoned me up the very person (BREEDER) she CLAIMS (hahahaha) did all of this to her, was contacted, PLEADING with me to go back to selling her this pup.????

Dear people this is the likes of what complains about people out there, that get a platform to talk NONSENSE.  IF everything she claims went down, DID GO DOWN,  i would most certainly not get my DEAR FRIEND TO CONTACT THE BREEDER BEGGING AND PLEADING TO TAKE HER FRIEND, BACK to get this pup from me. it really does not add up if you think about. Friend however ever so slightly taken aback as she had no idea about all the facts.  NO idea at all.  This complaint awas done in SPITE, ANGER and a few other things, which one does not expect of a mature woman.  IN HIND sight i guess the complainant came to realise she lost the plot, over reacted as she clearly did, HENCE the friends call to me, such a charming lady at that.  However too late,  The pup had been offered to the person the complainant was well aware of exisiting that she chose then to LIE about.  I can prove absolutely everything the time she cancelled sending me HER banking details, the time i messaged the other buyer and so forth, Proof of payments the works that shows very clearly, there was always another buyer that the complainant was fully aware of. i have proof of times, so the sale was never cancelled because of my getting a better offer as she claims was the reason.  The sale was cancelled when i received HER BANKING DETAILS.   THE TRUTH will out and i have the proof of that too. 

All i can say is THANK YOU to those who own my pups and dogs have owned them for the last TWO DECADES plus and continue to buy my pups YOU are the type of animal lover i appreciate OWNING MY PUPS and DOGS .... the real GENUINE animal loving dog owner.  THANK YOU.