Feeding that TCUP pup??..

Last week I received a mail from a Lady on my waiting list wanting to know how she will know how much to feed her Teacup puppy, she does not want to overfeed?.. 

Overfeeding is impossible.  Feed that baby as much as it will eat. The pup once you get it, should be fed four times a day & some more if necessary. Breakfast , lunch, dinner, before you go to bed around 10 and when very young or very small, during the night.

People imagine that because a teacup is in the vicinity of 200 odd grams that it eats 2 or 3 kibble(doggie biscuits ? royal canin) at each meal.  Pro-rata to a normal sized yorkie, that baby eats a lot more. NEVER limit the food intake rather offer too much food than too little. The pup must be given its food, food should still be in that plate when it has finished eating. If the plate is empty, you are not offering enough food.

The dog is genetically the size it is, you can feed it every hour ? every minute for that matter, it is only going to get to the size it is genetically meant to, so remember, if you limit the dogs intake of nourishment, all you are achieving, is the exactly same size of dog, however, the one that is fed correctly, will be well covered, and the one that is starved, will be a walking skeleton?..

I trust the owner of any TEACUP will be feeding regularly, and as much as that tiny little baby will eat. I do not believe you can overfeed any tiny pup.


MORE info on that tiny teacup............

   WINTER and the colder days and nights, bring added concerns about that very tiny pup or dog.  Additional heating is a necessity, the pup/dog should have its own bed, in an enclosure pen if other pets are in your household, ideally the tiny pup should have an igloo type bed,(just remember to take into account that that baby needs water, and must be able to drink whenever.) If it is too small to cope with an Igloo purchase something else, that it can get out and into with safety. Use  a Snugglesafe to the one side of the bed, covered with a good few blankets,  IF, the pup has an igloo it must be able to use that igloo(when I say use, I mean be able to climb in and out) and it must be able to get off and on the heating disc.  I suggest Igloo because no wind or draft will be able to affect that bed, and the baby is going to remain snug and warm. YOU still need to check that baby during the night. NEVER assume that the pup ate at 10 is in a cosy bed, full tummy, etc, that the pup will be fine till morning. Remember water must be available for that baby during the night, and also, not something that baby can fall into or get wet by, a wet, cold teacup baby is at a very high risk of something going seriously wrong.

I repeatedly tell interested folks, who want a teacup that the TEACUP the genuine Teacup, is a very hands on baby to rear, and once an adult it does not stop there either. MAKE very certain the teacup is for you.

I get inundated with mails, phone calls, about parents wanting a teacup for their daughter, child, NO teacup is suitable for ANY youngster, teenager, varsity student. IT is a Lady?s companion, and that Baby may as well be glued to its owner. NO staying behind or left with the Doggy Nanny. If you do not have the lifestyle to take that baby everywhere with you, DON?T purchase it in the first place