Some say they do not exist, some say they are the runt of the litter ?

My answer to the above is simply we have numerous POCKETS, and can you have three runts in a litter?
They may not be the size of the Breed Standard but they sure exist. I have owned my first 1kg Yorkie more than 28 years ago. The Pocket has got a bad reputation. I believe simply from the fact that Breeders who produce them either can not wait to get them off their hands or they do not advise the public as to the dedication needed in rearing these puppies. Pockets are not for everyone, they in fact are for a select few. They need total dedication.


• You have small children
• Go regularly on leave and want to kennel your dog
• Go on leave and want a Domestic to care for your dog
• Are not prepared to see a Vet the minute the slightest problem arises
• Are not prepared to give unlimited attention and total love and devotion.
• It’s a fashion accessory or status symbol
• Or to keep up with your friend who has one
• Not prepared to go the extra mile
• Lastly are not a True animal Lover

BUY your puppy from a responsible and reputable Breeder. The Breeder should be able to advise you of all the possible problems small dogs can present and how to avoid them.
If they can not, move on to the next Breeder. The Breeder should be prepared to assist you and give you advice where needed. (Some Breeders unfortunately are in it for the Bucks and once the pup has left their hands and the money handed over – you are on your own.. Some Breeders simply do not have the knowledge themselves.)

A HUGE mistake is often made by Purchasers of these puppies who restrict their dogs food in order to keep them small???? A True Pocket should eat at least four meals a day last meal before you retire in the evening. Most important of all good quality dog food NOT TABLE SCRAPS. Feed dry kibble even to the tinies – tooth decay is a huge problem with small Yorkies. A dog is genetically the size it is, not to be manipulated by the Breeder or Owner. A Pocket should be a SOLID dog not the weight of a piece of paper. They should be allowed to eat as much as they want and as often as they want.

LASTLY a puppy /dog is forever, not just for today.


I am shocked by the news I receive from the public regarding the practices of some “BREEDERS” out there. Especially the one’s who claim they breed the tiny dogs. IT is actually mind boggling, the nonsense some of these BREEDERS???? Advise the public.
The latest I have heard, and I am talking about very recently.
  • One breeder told the new owner to ration the portions fed to the pup, that is how all these very small dogs are bred??? So if you want a really small dog, it gets hardly anything to eat????????????
  • The latest, which I think is disgusting and cruel to say the least, 1 meal a day?????????? NO puppy can survive on one meal a day and least of all a tiny yorkie baby.
  • We feed our babies four meals a day, the very small one’s once they are no longer with their mother, will also be fed during the night if we deem it necessary. BECAUSE of the small body mass, a genuine sized small dog, needs to eat regularly.
    WE breed very small, solid well built dogs. They are never starved if anything over-fed.
    IF A breeder starts rationing food or suggesting you ration food, walk away.
    IF a breeder advises you to use glucose, honey, sugar water to aid in your pups rearing – walk away.
    IF a breeder does not supply you with all the information relating to the successful rearing of such a dog – walk away.

    The above new owners of yorkie babies, lost their puppies - DO your homework before purchasing from just any breeder....................