We are very well known for our genuine teacup yorkies.  They are healthy, robust, bred properly and raised properly. 

Adult weight of dogs can be as little as 600gms. We reserve the right to refuse selling a pup to a future client if we feel they are not suited to the pup in question.

Available to approved homes only.

 We sell all our pups irrespective of their size with HEALTH GUARANTEES.

You are safe in the hands of MIJOY, we guarantee what we breed.

PEOPLES PERCEPTION OF THE GENUINE TEACUP YORKIE......... I am inundated with calls from the public wanting a genuine Teacup puppy...... I think most people have no idea what they are or how they are, all they are aware of is they are a small dog,

The beginning of my PASSION for the tiny dog……….. I have always been crazy about animals, and the tiny dog did not escape that passion. I married at a pretty young age and the thought of being able to purchase my very own pets – well

Feeding that TCUP pup…….. Last week I received a mail from a Lady on my waiting list wanting to know how she will know how much to feed her Teacup puppy, she does not want to overfeed…..  Overfeeding is impossible.  Feed that ba