Happy New Year to you and your loved one's.  Please view our Blog/Newsletters loads of interesting stories etc to read.We also have a good few questions and answers on our FAQ division..... Questions  from you our READERS...........

  •  Read on our blog about FORA - Friends of Rescued Animals
  • Pixiedoll her life story so far....
  • Noogie - his story is headed - Don't be in a hurry to give up on your dog.
  • Looking for a Pedigree pup of a various breed look no further, information on our blog
  • Sushi in Dubai.  Her parents are expecting their first baby quite soon, so Sushi and Levi will be taking a bit of a back seat from now on. It has been great fun watching her grow up into a really top quality, stunning teacup yorkie. Congratulations to her owners. We say a thank you to them for keeping us up to date at all times. I have had two more enquiries from Dubai, but am really not into the exporting pup story.  If you are new to our site, please view the mails and many pics of the celebrity pup Sushi in Dubai. It makes interesting reading.
  • View our FAQ's which has turned into lengthy questions and answers in some cases, also makes interesting reading.
  • Adivice on sterilisation, the good health of your dogs teeth, Romeo versus Juliet, all well worth the read.
  • THE KISS - CAN A DOG REALLY SAY"THANK YOU" ?I think this story sums that up........ -