Back in SA

 Dear Joyce

Finally back on home turf.  We have been travelling a lot abroad, and very luckily for us, we have been able to take Ninja with us. He is such a stunning little guy, I must enter him in your Christmas Competition.


I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you,  I still remember the original Website where I was first introduced to you, via Hannelie Lochner, and her YORKIE site. What happened to Hannelie?  Is she still involved with Yorkies?


I also want to thank you, for all the Newsletters you forwarded to my Mom, and she in turn forwarded to us, irrespective of where we were.

I was very homesick , Eric of course was so busy work wise, that he did not have time to be homesick. I thanked GOD for the fact that I had Ninja, because he gave me comfort, all 900gms of him. He is like a little brick, solid, and so very well behaved.  He and I are like one, if you see me, you see him, and vice versa.  I have bought some real super gear for him overseas, and he has numerous carry bags, but bags that you would never know contained a tiny yorkie.  I am sure you guessed, I spent most of my time shopping. 


Ninja enjoyed the experience more than I. He was really spoilt as I had nothing else to do, than worry about him. Back home now, we are with my Mom, until the people renting our home, move to their new accommodation which will be in January. So we expect to move in mid to end of January once all the painting etc, has been completed.


You will be very interested to know, that I met some yorkie lovers in our travels, and forwarded them your Newsletters.  The dog scene, if you can call it that, is very different overseas to what we have here.  The dogs are dressed like models, so well behaved, and are often seen on outings. Two ladies that I did get to know, but for a very brief time, had four yorkies between them, also small dogs, but they were so infatuated with Ninja as he was considerably smaller than their yorkies.  The yorkies overseas carry very thick coats, presumably because of the cold weather and the one’s I did happen to see are so well turned out. The one Lady I met at a park, her doggy has its coat groomed both morning and night, seven days a week. The teeth are cleaned twice daily, and her leash and collar were really magnificent.  I realised just how much the overseas people, invest in their dogs. Very different to here. They are walked all the time, frequent the parks, are all kept in immaculate condition.  The raincoats, well that was really something to see.


I took loads of pics, with the intention of sending them onto you. However, Eric in turn also took loads of photo’s for the Company and somehow, my discs with all my pics have got mixed up with his discs, and who knows where they are now. I can only hope that the person who has them or receives them, will return them to us, if they have any idea who they belong to.


I just want to take this opportunity of wishing you and your family a wonderful festive season and all your much loved animals. You are truly blessed. I would love to get another baby from you, but am scared that we may be sent off again abroad, and no way does my Ninja stay behind. In fact there is a very real possibility that two years or so down the line Eric will have to go back and check up on the progress in the business. Two yorkies would be more than I could handle overseas.


God Bless you.

Our very best wishes.




Hello Janine

So nice to hear from you and that you are once again back in S.A.  It must have been tough on you, being alone in countries, where you did not know people etc. 

I must thank you for your original disc you forwarded to me, quite a while back. I loaded those pics onto my computer, which was subsequently hit by lightning. So goodbye most of my stuff on it.  I would have uploaded them onto my site, but at that stage I was still involved with Hannelie and her YORKIE site. 

I kept in touch with Hannelie for quite a while after that, but have not heard from her in quite sometime now. I know she bought another small yorkie and moved home. 

As you say the dogs overseas are treated very differently. Some one else wrote to me about that not so long ago as well. 

I am very pleased to hear Ninja is doing so well. He was a beautiful baby. You are most welcome to enter him in our competition. 

Thanks for your mail, glad to have heard from you.

Welcome back.

Kind regards