CHRISTMAS AHEAD..................

Christmas ahead …..


Puppies as gifts……..



The Festive season is fast approaching and with it the choice of gift that we all have to make, for someone special.  Often the thought of giving a bundle of fur is very appealing to some, without taking the consequences into account.


DO  NOT  be tempted to give a puppy as a gift unless the recipient really wants a dog.  The Yorkie although the most special gift of all, comes with financial obligations as well as obligations by its new owner.  The ever rising costs have not excluded the veterinary clinics.  Make certain that the person you intend giving a pup to has the financial means necessary to ensure that the pup has an excellent life with the very best care and all its needs taken care of. Quality food not tablescraps. Appropriate bedding  and toys, a Yorkie is an inside dog.  Iinoculations the first given by the breeder, the following two by your vet at monthly intervals from initial inoculation. Regular deworming by your vet.  The necessary treatment to ward off ticks and fleas(obtainable from your vet) The finances to sterilise the puppy at six months of age, to safeguard against unwanted pregnancies and the off chance that the male runs off to look for greener pastures( which happened last week). Annual inoculations and veterinary check ups.


It is a lifelong commitment to own a dog and one that unfortunately, a lot of people do not take seriously. A Yorkie needs a lot of attention, both from an on hands relationship with its owner and is a high maintenance dog from the grooming aspect.


A gift for the elderly – a wonderful companion, what happens to the dog if the unthinkable happens???  Who takes responsibility for its well being.

The teenager – varsity ahead??? Only give pups as gifts to children and teenagers if you as the parent or the parent is prepared to take over the necessary duties and obligations.  DO  NOT  buy a puppy if your attitude is I can’t be bothered…. I bought it for my child. Ultimately you are the caregiver. Yorkies are adorable, trusting, excellent companions and extremely loving – do not put them into a situation where they are unwanted or become a nuisance.


If you still want to give a pup as a gift …..  have a super Christmas and festive season and thank you for being responsible.



The Yorkie – love and be loved