A warm welcome to Driven 2 Groom another cream of the crop parlour added to our list.

Driven-2-Groom is an owner supervised operation where we strive to you give and your dog the best possible service. We provide you with a CLEAN, STRESS-FREE, GENTLE, CAGE FREE, ONE-on-ONE pampering experience, and YOU total peace of mind. The team arrive at your home with a fully kitted out mobile dog grooming parlour which has its own bath, geyser, grooming tables and all the necessary dog grooming equipment. Our head groomer is a dog lover and has many years experience. Required from the client on the day is access to a garden tap and electrical connection and 1 towel per dog. For hygiene reasons towels are not shared between dogs.

The dogs are each given a good brush all over, a warm water shampoo, Bayticol tick and flea dip, warm rinse, towel dry, hand held blow dry and brush at the same time (no cage drying). Nails are checked and clipped. Dogs that require it are given a cut to breed specification or owner’s preference. The tick and flea dip lasts for 4 weeks.

With Driven-2-Groom the dogs are less distressed as they are not removed from their environment, they are groomed in the mobile parlour within sight of their homes (dogs like to keep an eye on things!)

Julie Grune


Mobile Dog Grooming Parlour

072 685 4934