Spring is almost here ............. time to take action

Spring is on the way, and no better time to take action to prevent ticks and fleas. If you have not been using preventative measures during the winter months, good time to start NOW.  We use FRONTLINE  available from your VET.  We have used it for years.


Flea prevention, safe to use the product every three months as prevention, if you have fleas, treat monthly till all signs of them have vanished. Vacuum and clean thoroughly. Flea eggs can sit around undetected and hatch, and you have another problem on hand.


Ticks use Frontline monthly irrespective of package insert. Depending where you live. Plot, small holdings etc, a MUST,  If your dog goes on regular outings, to the park, to training, visiting family and friends -  Use a preventative treatment.


Billary (caused by a tick bite and not all ticks carry billary) can be fatal if the dog has it for any length of time or it goes undetected.

There is NO vaccination for the prevention of billary.

A human being bitten by a tick carrying billary, will develop Tick Bite Fever.


RATHER BE SAFE THAN SORRY………..  and use a preventative treatment, and regularly.