Sterilisation of your male puppy

Sterilisation know the facts…

So many people wanting a male pup – the reason being???? Well they need not be sterilized. WELL they should be.  WHY????

It is amazing that in this day and age so few people actually know the benefits of sterilizing their pet be it dog or cat.

NO marking of territory, in other words, no lifting their leg. Amazing for me to hear from a lot of folk that they had NO idea that early sterilization would stop this behavior from ever starting.

A male pup can only mark its territory once it has become sexually mature. So neuter your pup anytime from four months of age. It can be done as early as 8 weeks if the jewels are where they should be.  However rather look at 4 to 6 months of age.

The tinier dogs may and often do retain some baby teeth, vets are inclined to put off neutering until they can do the teeth as well.  You cannot put off neutering a male much more than 8 months of age or the dog just may develop sexual tendencies.  Very difficult to stop behavior once it has started – don’t put off indefinitely as it is only YOU that will sit with unwanted and undesirable behavior, NOT your vet.

Males believe it or not have better temperaments than most females.  If any dogs have arguments here it is always the girls, never the boys.

Yes you can keep more than one male on your property provided you sterilize and then you can keep more than two males on your property.  Always remember that an entire male is a threat to any other entire male dog often resulting in the tinier dog’s death because the larger male dog is protecting what he believes to be his territory, the smaller one protecting what he believes to be his territory.  This is NATURE this is not a bad dog as so many of us LABLE them.  What dogs do or do not do is a result of what we as their owners have allowed.  One cannot expect a few males to live in harmony of all different sizes and breeds as well,  if they all are unsterilized.

We then get -  but the sterilization cost is a lot for us to pay out – well how about doing some financial management for it.  Buy the pup at 8 to 10 weeks of age and at the same time keep so much aside for sterilization, next month add to that sterilization kitty. The following month add to the kitty again. When the time comes for the sterilization to be done, you have the financial means to do it.

Owning a pet these days is a big expense and if you are considering buying a pet, follow up on the monthly inoculations, the regular deworming, the sterilization, the dentals if required. Annual check up and booster inoculations.  It is so much easier to put aside a hundred or two hundred rand a month into a kitty for your pet to ensure you have the means to do what needs to be done, without having to fork out a tidy sum when the time comes that the op or whatever should be done and you simply cannot afford it.

NON sterilization of your pet, simply means that you are not taking your responsibility of ownership seriously and if you do not believe in doing that you should not buy a pet in the first place – unless you want to become an ethical breeder and do the necessary and all that goes with being that ethical breeder,  you should be morally obliged to see your pet is sterilized.

If these were your children would you adopt a similar attitude of well if they get pregnant or miss behave it will be fine with us????????? Somehow I doubt it.  Apply the same strict principals with your pets. You do not want them being a nuisance to the public, or urinating all over your home and it is not a case of misbehaving pet but irresponsible owner.

Here is a mail received from a YORKIE owner regarding the situation she found herself in with her beloved cat – heartbreaking for her. Please public be aware of your actions or lack of actions. Do the right thing. STERILISE your pets for a much better life for not only them but yourself and other folk that may become indirectly involved.


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I had to put my cat down 2 weeks ago and I can't believe that it could be so heart rendering. I cried for almost 2 days then ended up in hospital with anxiety and stress.

She was spayed but a tom was marking territory so she became stressed. So every day I had to wake up to scrubbing someone’s pee. The neighbours were getting irate and the vet told me that they put down 99.9pct because they never recover. In spite of this I battled for 2 years with her hoping and eventually I realised I was fighting a losing battle with major costs.


I think the mail above sums it up rather well.  People who do sterilize their pets subjected to those owners who do not bother to sterilize theirs with very upsetting consequences for the “RESPONSIBLE” owners.

Simple solution to the problem, if you just can’t be bothered to be a responsible owner, rather opt for not being a pet owner at all.

Animal lovers feel the pain for the writer of the above mail. Hope you do to……