UPDATE on NOOGIE our 12-13 year old Rescue YORKIE.....

Update on NOOGIE – 15 December 2009


If you have not read the TRUE story of NOOGIE on our blog, please do so.  It will make this news – understandable to you.  NOOGIE has recovered 100%.  Noogie is off all soft food now, he is back eating his ROYALCANIN YORKIE KIBBLE and has been back on that diet for quite a while now. He is back to his old self, and truly for his 12 or 13 years of age, and considering what he went through recently, he is a walking miracle.


PLEASE VIEW OUR BLOG – numerous interesting stories appear, TRUE stories.  Tear jerker for some, but that is what happens when you love animals in the true sense of the word.