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Hello Mijoy

Thank you for offering such a well informed site and adding the odd touch here and there of very interesting info.  I never knew such things as Chinchilla’s existed until I saw them on your site. I would not want to own one, but enjoy looking at all the pics you show.

I own a “little” yorkie although that was not the plan in the beginning.  I approached a breeder who is not that far from where I reside.  A breeder of many years. I asked her to sell me a breeding female. I do not want to BREED but the idea was, to let her have a litter, and give my sisters and Mom a pup each.  Yorkies are pricey,  I thought this would be the easiest and most cost effective way of achieving my goals. I bought the pup and thought at the time it was pretty small.  The breeder told me she would grow, well, 18 months down the line, I own a stunning “LITTLE” 1.3kg yorkie. She is delicate.  Very finely boned and extremely fragile.  I went back to the breeder who suggested I breed her and Caesar. I took her to my vet and asked his opinion. He told me no ways was I to let her have a litter, she is just not designed to breed with. The vets opinion is that she is not a robust pup, not breeding material at all, he agrees some dogs of her weight could have a litter and be caesared but he says she has not got the build or the stamina.  I really do feel I was cheated in this instance, the breeder was well aware what I wanted, and the purpose I wanted the pup. I never kept it a secret.  I have now mailed her with the info from my vet, and she just does not return any of my emails.  I attach pics of my little girl from the time I bought her and her recent pics. You can see for yourself what I am talking about.  I am sorry to involve you, but feel wronged and although you cannot do anything about it, I would appreciate your point of view on this. My vet actually suggested I contact you. He said if anyone will be able to put me on the right track you would.

Let me know what your opinion is.

Many thanks.



Hi  GS

Thanks for your compliments and your mail. I do understand the situation you find yourself in.  Looking at the pics and the cup beside the pup at 8 weeks of age, it is very obvious this was a small pup.  A breeding size pup would have been double that size.  I am not answering your mail as a form of interfering, this has nothing to do with me. How other breeders operate has NOTHING to do with me either. I am merely passing an opinion as both you and your vet have requested. 

It is not impossible for a 1.3kg bitch to have a litter. BUT the dog in question must be well built and solid, never attempt to breed with a frail lightweight female of this weight and any breeding with such a small female should only be undertaken by a Breeder with a fair amount of experience and in most cases should not be undertaken at all(there will always be a huge risk attached to any breeding with such a small female), even if the female in question is robust and well built for her weight.  If your little yorkie belonged to me, I would spay her, end of story. Firstly, she is delicate and lightweight.  I prefer the small dogs, to be solid and well built. They can weigh the minimal weight, but must be well covered, and heavy for their size.  I would not want to produce tinies weighing next to nothing, and feeling like a feather in your hand.  We do not promote the breeding of ANY small sized bitch.

As to why this happened – that is between you and your breeder.  It did happen to me a good few years ago. I ordered a BREEDING girl from a very well known breeder at the time, who has since retired, moved location, still breeds but in vastly reduced numbers.  We kept in contact, and at 8 weeks I went off to collect my long awaited pup.  The pup was beautiful. I felt possibly a bit small, but the breeder assured me, she would be fine.  A week later I got a call from the breeder asking how the pup was, and I said wonderful…..  She said she would fax me her details she had given me the wrong paperwork (inoculation info, deworming, date of birth, name of sire and dam)for her. I thought no more of it,(she had a good few dogs, and I thought she had made an honest mistake) and waited for the fax to appear.  I received the fax, the pup was three weeks OLDER than originally advised.

Need I say anymore????


Love your Yorkie irrespective of how big or how small she is.

Best of luck.