A reader sends in her experience with DIVA..........

From: Sharon  
Sent: 11 November 2010 07:46 AM
To: 'Mijoy Yorkies'
Subject: RE: Diva


Dear Joyce

Thank you for a very informative website.  I am in the Cape and have a yorkie girl.  We decided on a yorkie last year and bought a beautiful little girl from a breeder here.  I have always visited your site, and have contacted you before, you could not help me then with a pup.  I have read your site from beginning to end and I know you are a strong believer in selling your dogs as pets only.

Our yorkie girl is 1.6kg in weight. The Breeder insisted we allow her one litter, she wanted a pup from that litter.  She covered Diva for us at no charge, and she was confirmed preggy and due dates given to me.  I asked if Diva was not possibly too small to have pups and she told me loads of her breeding bitches were that size.

Diva was due on a weekend and I had arranged to take leave two days before that weekend and two days after the weekend, to make sure I was there to see to her.

 Ten days before her due date, we went off to work as usual. Diva was fine, on our return home, Diva was in a terrible state, panting, yelping at us running up and down. One dead pup on the floor in our room, and she had green gunk coming out of her – she was really in a terrible state.  We took her straight to the vet who performed an emergency Caesar.  She had three other pups. Two already dead and one that was born alive but died a day later. 

The vet told me I should not have covered her. Firstly because I was a novice and secondly if I wanted to breed I should have bought a brood bitch. He said I was lucky she survived the op.  I was upset that the vet was obviously displeased with me over Diva. I never wanted to breed with her – I went back to the breeder – she also gave me a mouthful and was also very annoyed that she now had no puppy to show from the mating.  

At the time of the Caesar the vet would not spay her, said it was too much for her to be spayed as well. We now had her spayed. The Breeder is most annoyed with me, and says it is as a result of me overfeeding Diva that she could not give birth properly. She is furious that I have now spayed her and said the dog should have been mated again and brought to her to deliver the pups. 

Do you think I did wrong by spaying her?  I am so stressed over what has happened that I do not sleep at night, worrying about the situation that developed. Should I pay for the mating that was done for me free of charge?

I would appreciate your opinion on this?

Look forward to your reply




Hi Sharon

I am sorry to hear your story.  I always warn people that if you are going to breed to get the proper breeding size yorkie female.  The vet is right, being a novice is a huge disadvantage, and breeding a dog of that weight or size in my opinion (others may disagree) is a risk. 

My girls at that sort of weight would not be able to have a natural birth.  They would have a Caesar and then you have to consider a few other aspects.  Caesars are not cheap. My vet, as well as another I use after hours, will not do a Caesar unless the dog is actively in labour. It is not unusual for me to take a girl that I consider needs a Caesar to the vets three times in one day to check if she is ready to have a Caesar or if we must still wait.  So here again you have to monitor the girl constantly to see she does not get into a situation that unfortunately, Diva experienced. 

“IF” I were to breed a girl of that weight, (not something I would normally do – but have on occasion – I would Caesar and spay at the same time) I would have her checked out before she was anywhere near to delivery and arrange with my vet to do a Caesar once she started labour or showing definite signs of going into labour. The only problem with jumping the gun, caesaring too early, your girl may reject her pups. You then sit with a bigger problem.  This has happened to me twice in many years.  The one girl had never had pups before so had no idea what that was about. She has since had pups – no Caesar and is a wonderful mother. The other girl was one I had bought from someone who had abused her. I waited two years before covering her.  The previous owner had bred her once and played cat and mouse with her with her babies. Something that obviously imprinted in the dogs mind to such an extent, that it sent her over the top.  The time she was due to have pups, one was lying across the entrance to the birth canal so she could not give birth.  She was caesared, not stressed at all, we picked up the problem almost immediately. She came out of the Caesar, on our way back home. I happened to open the carrier to see she had killed three of the four babies. I took the fourth away.  My vet gave me tranquilisers for her as he said she would more than likely settle down after a day or two. I held the pup to suckle – holding her head away, she would have killed that pup given half the chance.

I do not allow my dogs to battle in labour. I Caesar I do not believe I have the right to play GOD with their lives or that of their young, or subject them to hours and hours of severe pain. 

My opinion on your situation – you bought a dog as a pet. The Breeder asked you to mate the dog in order that she may have a pup. If Diva had had one pup, it would have gone to the breeder and all would have been well.  If she had had a Caesar and had one pup, the breeder would have got the pup and you would have got the vet bill. As it stands now, you have the vet bill, the pups were actually too early to survive. So all in all, this has been a very nasty learning curve that you have had to deal with. It further shows that even with the pups being 10 days early, she still could not deliver the other three naturally, so she most definitely would not have been able to deliver them ten days down the line, when the pups would have grown considerably more.  I do believe you are worrying over nothing, when it comes to the unhappiness of the breeder. You did what she asked and you suffered with the results.   IT is your dog to do with as YOU please.  I most certainly would never have considered breeding her especially if I had no experience.  Any dog under 2kg is at risk of needing a Caesar.  A fair amount of my bigger girls the proper breeding size yorkie – over a good few years, have needed Caesars. Once a dog has had two caesars she will never be able to give birth naturally.

Your Diva is more than likely a solid built little female at 1.6kg.  If you have a very lightweight dog weighing the same weight, she more than likely would be able to give birth naturally, because she will be a much bigger dog in size. 

I have heard repeatedly of the really small Yorkies being bred and they die on the table. 

You made the right decision. Move on.