I personally have never had problems with itching, dull, dry, oily skin and coats. BUT there again, I only feed a proper dog diet and do not add this and that.  I do believe the minute treats, sweets, chicken, table scraps and the likes are added to your dogs diet, that is when the problems arise.

A pup or dog should be fed a fully balanced diet, and by adding this and that to your pooches meal will only give you grief down the road.  The diet will not and cannot be balanced. 

I know some of you think this is so dull, the same monotonous diet day after day, week after week and year after year. I would rather stay with the boring diet and not have to spend thousands of rands, trying to find out what has gone wrong with my dog, why it is now a diabetic needing insulin shots daily. Or why it now needs to be fed a prescription diet,  because of kidney disease etc.

Irrespective how cute adorable, your pup or dog may be, it is a DOG. Feed it accordingly.  OUR food of choice  ROYAL CANIN, Yorkie adult for dogs from 10 months of age. ROYAL CANIN Yorkie Junior for pups from weaning up until 10 months of age.

By feeding your pup and dog a well balanced quality dog food, you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary vet bills. Your dog will live a long healthy life. Feeding JUNK FOOD to your dog or pup is not doing it or yourself any favours.