Help for FORA - Friends of Rescued Animals...........

We are unsure of the situation with FORA right now. We will bring you an update in January on our website.  Please continue to support this  PRO-LIFE Animal Rescue Centre.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated. We just want to say we wish FORA, their staff, Management and all those animals, a very Merry Christmas and the best ever NEW YEAR 2010…………


This is the info on our blog that went out earlier in NOVEMBER, the original can be seen on our blog.

800   Johannesburg Animals are going to be homeless by Christmas and we CAN do something about it!!

FORA is a   Johannesburg Pro-life animal rescue centre and they need to find a new property by Christmas for 600 dogs and 200 cats after the sale of their Roodepoort property. The property they were leasing was originally leased to the late founder Marlene de Beer, six years ago. However, the owner of this property decided in October to sell and this will now leave 800 animals HOMELESS BY CHRISTMAS!!

FORA’s people do so much good for the community and these helpless animals could really use a hand!

Help however, will just take 1 minute of your time!

Just sms the word FORA to 38844, donate R10 and help FORA raise the funds they need in order to give these 800 animals a safe home by Christmas!!

Please  pass this e-mail on to anyone you know who cares enough to donate R10. 


The pic attached is that of the founder of FORA  Mrs Marlene de Beer who passed away in September 2005.  We at Mijoy volunteered and worked closely with her,  when she was a Manager of an SPCA for quite a long period of time, prior to opening her own Animal Rescue operation.

She was an animal lover in the true sense of the word.  The world was a sadder place on her passing. She gave her all for the animals she cared for. We were honoured to have her as a friend.

SHEBA - the cross collie in the pic on its own, was Marlene's SPCA dog quite a number of years ago.  She is still with us and must be at least 13 years old. She is now starting to show that she has reached her senior years.  Marlene approached us when Sheba was about 2 years old, as they could no longer keep her at the SPCA she was biting the staff and killing the cats.  They could not put her up for adoption either, having these traits, so she either came to us or would go to doggy heaven.  She has been a wonderful dog, all these years.  The times Marlene visited us, and that was numerous, she always fussed with Sheba and Sheba never forgot her.