Latest news on our celebrity TCup - SUSHI all the way from Dubai - 2 December 2009

To: Mijoy Yorkies (Joyce)

Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 8:25 AM

Subject: Hey there :) Some cute pickies :)


Hey Joyce,

This baby Sushi of "YOURS" (but now OURS ;) is a CHARACTER AND A HALF!!  She has us in stitches a lot of the time!  Has really come into her own, especially lately!!  Bounds about, barking (a real mouse of a bark but she thinks its ferocious nonetheless :) :)  Her latest thing is when I call her to come to me, she comes bouncing along, gets just in front of my hands, then runs around in a circle barking at me and goes back to her basket and then does the whole process again and again - as if to play "catch me if you can"...  Truly, its the funniest thing!  Funny little duckling!! 
Very beautiful and still SO, SO TINY, she went for a little trim, she needed one, and now she weighs 820g, so she really is a little waif of a yorkie, MUCH to our delight!  As you have said so many times on your website and in emails to me, it seems the smaller they are, the less they realise their minute size, she truly thinks she is a ferocious Rottweiler, too cute for words!  Whenever anyone walks through the front door, SHE (not Levi) is the one who lets out this "ROAR" of a bark, "REALLY THREATENING", well she seems to think so anyway :) 
She is too gorgeous Joyce, really!!  AND CLEVER!!!!!  She know's the commands "In your basket", "Lie down", "Go" and "It's bedtime" soooooo well :) :)  ADORABLE!!  She really is a treasure!  So well "potty-trained" as well.
I think she has picked up a lot from Levi tho, we cant take all the credit for her excellent behavior!  He is an exceptionally intelligent yorkie, I SWEAR TO YOU, he understands our human talk COMPLETELY!!  Jokes aside, you can talk to this little boy and he will look at you as if to say "Yes...  I understand exactly what you're saying, don't worry!!" ;)  So...  Sushi has kinda picked up this same habit from her brother - WHO SHE ADORES!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I thought it was LONG overdue that I let you know in more detail how our little princess Sushi is doing!  
Hope the festive season treats you all very well!
Best regards,