Pets and your infant - children...

An article in a very popular weekly mag discussed infants and pets in the home. Mainly cats and dogs.

Researchers found out that an infant of a year and under had far less inner ear infections and the need to be treated with antibiotics if there were pets in the house, than infants with NO pets in the home.  They maintain that coming into contact with dirt and germs in fact matures the immune system.

So many people ditch their pets when a baby is on the way, “what if the cat lies in the crib and suffocates the baby?????”  Old wives tales or not?????  Keep a close eye.

We rescued a little yorkie sometime back, when people had their first baby and he jumped into the cot.  Imagine a little yorkie that was the most, gentlest little chap, well behaved and all, kicked to the curb because of jumping into the cot?????  He was a very small little dog so he had to have been on something in the first place to be able to get into the cot, it was not possible that he could have jumped in to the cot from the floor, he was way too small for that.

I mention him in past tense as he was with us for a good few years but now is with all the other four legged furry friends at the Rainbow Bridge. He passed away from old age. When he was “DUMPED” he was already quite an old chap.

Dogs in general are wonderful pets for children when growing up, but it must be the right dog.  Woman are so taken by owning this tiny little yorkie but forget when the babies arrive that tiny little dog is very unsuitable for any grabbing little fingers.  The dog takes a back seat and that is not ideal, for any tiny dog, when it has been the focus of attention up till the birth of the first baby.  So be realistic in your choice of dog. A Yorkie is ideal some people say they are snappy and bite and boisterous and all, but it all comes down to how that pup/dog has been raised and treated. What it has been taught. Etc.

If a yorkie is snappy look at how it was raised???? I can honestly say that any small child could handle any one of my yorkies or biewer terriers and not get bitten or be threatened to be bitten either.  IF your dog threatens to bite etc, chances are it has not been exposed to small children or small children have ill treated the dog.

If you are someone who feels the animal must just take the punishment, don’t be tempted to buy any of the smaller bred dogs. Small bred dogs do not take to abuse too kindly and your child may just end up bitten.  You cannot very well then turn round and say this dog is biting the child, it has to go. You should not have bought it in the first place. DO your homework, research the various breeds and make an informed choice.

I am inundated with enquiries for teacups for children, “ HOW old is the child”?  Can be anything from 2 years to 10 years. DEFINITELY not tiny dog material.

I do not believe that an ultra tiny dog has the place in any home where the people are first time dog owners,  have small children, go away leaving the small dog to be cared for by the Maid etc.

The TINY dogs are suited, to animal lover’s supreme, people that go way beyond the call of duty.  It is extremely saddening, when someone wants a tiny because so and so has one and I want one too????????? A genuine tiny should be with its owner 24/7.

If you are an animal lover, starting out in a marriage, planning to have children down the line, choose your dog wisely.  Labs for example are brilliant with children.  Yorkies??? Depends how they are raised and how much effort you will put into your dog when baby arrives. If your dog is going to remain spoilt, played with, looked after properly– not lacking any attention or is not going to suffer neglect, then a yorkie should be a great choice,(NOT A SMALL SIZE) but if you do not have the time or ability to take care of a baby and a dog that was once a baby in your home itself, do not opt for a yorkie.

Please remember when purchasing a pet be it a dog or cat, it is a commitment you undertake, till death you do part.  All pets’ futures lie in their owners hands.

Thank you for your time.