Please meet SHEBA

 Please meet SHEBA a cross collie rescue. She came to us a good many years ago when she was about 2 years of age, she is now close on 16 if not 16. She was the SPCA’s dog in Roodepoort at the time, when Marlene De Beer was manager. Sheba and her partner in crime Marmie, another cross bred dog were misbehaving and killing cats and biting staff regularly. Sheba was seen as the gang leader and she had two options to be rescued or put to sleep. She came to us. 

Sheba has had a very good long life, barring once when she was bitten by a snake and almost died.  Fortunately, we rushed her to our trusted vet, who treated her with anti-venom and breathed for her until such time as she could breathe on her own. A good few hours.  The following day Sheba was once again on her feet and returned back home.

Two or so months ago, Sheba had a really bad stroke and we felt this was the end, but kept her quiet and over the days, this dog, that had layen in a heap, not doing anything, gradually returned to normal. The only remaining sign of her ever having had this awful stroke is the slight tilt of her head. She is once again enjoying life and now because of being spoilt will only eat YORKIE ROYAL CANIN kibble.  We will allow her to eat this as she is now at the end of  her GOLDEN YEARS.

The pic was taken this last week of Sheba discussing matters, with two teacup yorkies, one a baby and one an adult.

Sheba was adored by Marlene De Beer the founder of F.O.R.A.  Friends of Rescued Animals.  Marlene would visit her regularly and Sheba always remembered her right up till the time,  Marlene passed away a few years ago.