Poems written by a Yorkie owner as she realised it was time to let her baby go......

Thank you so much M for these poems. I know only too well the pain and suffering one goes through when losing a much loved pet. Our sympathies to you.

Thank you for sharing your touching story of your little guys life with me.




 From: MW 

Sent: 16 February 2012 11:30 AM
Subject: To My Baby "Vreugde"


Hallo Joyce!

It's me again, !!
I would like to share a poem or two with you.
I wrote these, while my baby was dying.
I only had the opportunity to show it to a few people, but I think YOU of all people would understand!!

Lots of Love,


Fly high my dove on the wings of the wind,
it's time to let you go.
Your memory imprinted on my heart,
Will I ever b
e able to let you go?!

I miss the abundance of your love and your outspoken joy!
Your place is empty - not only in my heart.
But heaven is waiting to give you your part.

It's time my dove......time to give you back........
to The One who made you, to The One who wants you back.

May you fill the heavens with love and joy.
May your kindness reach to the skies.
May you be a
bundantly rewarded,
only for being 'mommy's little boy' !!!

"Sê Vir Mamma"

Sê vir mamma as jy moet gaan........
Ek wil jou nie terug hou nie.
Jesus was om met jou weg te gaan.......

Sê vir mamma as jy moet gaan......
Ek sal probeer sin maak en verstaan.
Sê vir mamma as jy moet gaan......
Ek sal jou offer, aan die Een wat verstaan!

"Is dit tyd my Lief?"

Is dit tyd my lief.......?!
Moet ek laat gaan?!
Mamma sal sterk wees,
al voel dit of alles vergaan!!

Is dit tyd my lief........?!
Moet ons groet?
Dit bly die langste dag van my lewe...........
Tot ons weer ontmoet!