Problems with your dog or cat? At your wits end, here is hope at last.... read on

I heard of Dr Garry Eckersley some years back, when I had inherited a dog with a problem from a friend of a friend, a little yorkie pup. The owner wanted to put the pup to sleep. The dog in question had a liver shunt, and the original owners vets, had forecast death - doom and disaster.

I took this little dog to Dr Eckersley, who did a thorough examination and blood tests. He also scanned the dog, etc. She was diagnosed with a liver shunt as she had been done before, however, her diet was completely changed and she was given certain meds. The dog did a complete about turn, and was normal provided, she ate correctly and took her meds.

My own PIXIEDOLL is living testimony. I was advised by Specialists to put her to sleep at 5 weeks of age, she was very tiny, and her size alone they felt meant she had major problems????  They told me she would be dead in the not too distant future.   Dr Eckersley treated her (homeopathically) from that day and she is very much alive,  a real character and a bundle of joy.

Dr Eckersley is a Specialist Veterinary Physician located in the Kyalami area. He is brilliant at what he does. If you have any problem that your vet can not solve, or your pet has been diagnosed as incurable, whatever, it is well worth paying this Doctor a visit.  The people I have referred have marveled at the results he has achieved for their pets.

Trust me that second, third, fourth opinion is well worth the effort.

Dr Eckersley offers numerous treatments for your pet, acupuncture, homeopathic meds but to name a couple.

Telephone 011 702 -1927