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Tick Removal - Don't let it be said that you were negligent or indifferent when removing a tick from your client's pet. 

It is ALWAYS a BAD IDEA to remove a tick with ones hands.

All too often, especially in South Africa, Veterinarians and Groomers are reduced to using their hands or fingers to remove a tick.  This failure to use a reasonable amount of care may result in injury not only to pet or human but also to your business.

Not only is this practice unhygienic, but also unsafe for the animal and human removing the tick.

IT IS ALSO NEGLIGENT.  Protect Yourself from upset pet owners!  You can.  Simply and cheaply.

Finally a Professional Tool to match the Professional! - Designed by a Vet for Vets.  We know that you need speed and ease of use.  Well, we have delivered.

For Safety, Speed and Ease of Use: — The O'TOM TICK TWISTER!


  • Squeezing, burning or agitating the tick in any way.  This causes the the tick to panic and release its saliva into its host.
  • Trying to kill the tick or putting it to sleep with chemical products before removing it for the same reason as above.
  • Pressing the tick with a tweezers or finger tips as this puts pressure on the abdoman of the tick thereby forcing the tick's saliva into the host.
  • Pulling on an attached tick, but TWIST it out in order to minimise the risk of breaking the tick's rostrum (mouth bits) under the skin of the host.

The Tick Twister is theonly instrument that allows the user to hold the tick without compressing it and then to safely remove the tick by a twisting motion rather than pulling.

The Tick Twister is the best and safest way to remove all ticks completely and safely.  

Please tell your clients about the safe removal of ticks.  

REMEMBER:  Successful transmission of pathogens requires the tick to be attached for at least several hours. Data suggests that the prompt and correct removal of an infected tick, within approximately 24 hours, reduces the risk of pathogen transmission from tick to host to nearly zero.

 The Tick Twister is endorsed and used by Veterinarians, Military Personanel, Forestry Departments etc around the world.

Who must use the Tick Twister:

  • ALL veterinarians and their Practice Staff
  • Pet Groomers (including horse groomers)
  • Military Staff for their dogs, horses and themselves
  • Working Dog Handlers
  • Medics and Paramedics in the veld
  • Game Rangers
  • Hikers, Anglers, Horse Riders, 4x4 trail riders etc
  • and YOU! - Protect yourself and your pet.


 Ask your Vet to order your favourite product for you from their wholesaler.

From all at Dog Solutions!  This information brought to us by DOG SOLUTIONS…  Many thanks.