SAFETY FIRST - while on the road, for YOU, YOUR FAMILY & YOUR PETS...



We all buckle up for safety reasons, and very often the loyal family pet, just hops in and sits down. Is this a safe practice?? Some folk tether their dogs with a collar and lead to some part of the vehicle to stop the dog jumping around. Is this a safe practice??  You pull in for petrol, get out to check all is in order, and your dog, slips out – unnoticed? Is this a safe practice?? If you were involved in a bad accident (God forbid) and you are injured and the people rush to help and assist you, and your dog, just bolts in fright from the vehicle.  Is this a safe practice??

A good few people love to travel with their pets, their dogs, birds, cats etc. In this day and age with safety being of utmost importance, it is also very important, to keep your pet under control and as safe as possible. There are a good few well designed travel crates for the really big dog, or carriers, spacious and very comfy for the smaller dogs and cats. These carriers for the yorkie size etc, are available from most Upmarket pet stores, we also do sell them and they are available from three or so of our suppliers. 

It is not a safe practice to allow your dog, free range in your vehicle. Anything could happen, you could brake and the dog could fly forward into the passengers or driver’s seat – this alone could cause an accident. Your dog if tiny – could end up at your feet and cause havoc when trying to apply brakes etc, especially if the dog is around the pedals.

A window is down and the dog jumps from the moving vehicle – causing an accident? Getting run over? Getting lost? Other driver’s on the roads concentration diverted?


Rather safe than sorry -  keep your pets safe…….

Happy travels…….



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