Sterilizing your dog..............

Sterilization of your pet.

A calmer, happier content dog.


It is sad to note how many people are either uninterested, uneducated (I do not mean this in an obnoxious way) or simply do not want to spend the money to have their animal sterilized.

To sterilize we mean spay the female and neuter the male.  This can be done at a very early age, I have had pups done as early as eight weeks.  The spay is of course more difficult at a very early age for your vet, if you are dealing with a very small bitch it would be easier for your vet to spay her at four to six months of age. My vet has neutered a male pup for me at 8 weeks of age which when fully grown weighed 980gms. Neutering and spaying should be done between four and six months. Male dogs will start lifting their leg as they near sexual maturity which is normally 9 months of age or thereabouts. SOLUTION neuter early.  Ninety odd percent or even closer to one hundred percent of dogs will not ever lift their leg, they will squat like a female if neutered at an early age.  Amazing how few people know this. Do not make the problem of marking territory (Lifting leg on YOUR furniture, carpet etc) yourself by being lazy or ignorant, or common mistake waiting too long.  It is far easier to prevent the problem than to cure it.  You have been given the info put it into practice.



If we sterilize the dog its temperament will change

The dog will become fat

Shame  the pain and suffering

We only have the one dog

And I suppose shame the bank account. ?????


A Yorkie is an expensive dog.  So many buy one and then buy another because those breeders are making a fortune.????? Ha Ha Ha.  If you are a responsible Breeder your dogs will receive top veterinary attention, top quality accommodation and top quality food. Not to mention the time spent doing the necessary as a Breeder. Do not underestimate what Breeding Yorkies means.

The Yorkie bitch is notoriously known for  NOT PUSHING when she is in labour.  Two alternatives are at hand.  Intervention by your Vet to induce labour which only works for this condition in a limited amount of cases.  The other is for your bitch to undergo a Caesarian.  This costs money.  Sadly some leave the bitch to die????  Trust me it happens.  Think long and hard before you decide if you are prepared to go to the extreme required as a Breeder.


Some Breeders do not educate their buyers when it comes to sterilization.  This is very SAD.  A dog/bitch is a more even tempered, well behaved dog when sterilized.  The dog is not in opposition to others when sterilized so leader of the pack is not as much an issue, although it may happen, but not to such a degree.  Should your dog escape from your premises, it will not be at as much of a risk to an entire (Unsterilized) dog as it would be if unsterilized itself.




Health risks.  Risks for the unsterilized dog –can develop prostrate problems.

                      Risks for the unsterilized bitch – can develop pyometra (Uterus infection)

                      Or mammary cancer (Breast caner) These health problems obviously need

                        Veterinary intervention.


The Yorkie although small thinks it is a Lion – therefore unneutered is liable to show aggression towards other male dogs 10 times his size obviously with bad consequences. 

Regularly on visiting my Vets Consulting rooms, dogs are brought in that have been ripped up by some other dog.  Usually belonging to the same person.  They are advised to sterilize but the advice falls on deaf ears. 



Testicles.  Some dogs testicles do not descend into the scrotum (Monorchid) or possibly only one does (Cryptorchid).  Do not leave this unattended medically.  The missing testicle/s could become cancerous and eventually kill your dog.  Your vet will neuter your dog and have to search for the other testicle/s more than likely in or near the abdomen. A  dog suffering with the above should under no circumstances be considered for Breeding. This is a hereditary problem and is most certainly not a desirable trait.  This operation costs more that the usual neutering, but has to be done obviously, because this is a life threatening condition or a condition that in time will cause health issues.


I hope that this article has been informative for those who genuinely do not know of the benefits of STERILIZATION.


Another point to consider, should at any stage of your dogs life, your pet needs re homing, it is far more of an advantage to all concerned if your pet is sterilized.






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