The easiest way to identify your pet............

We at MIJOY strongly recommend the use of the Identipet Microchip in your animals.  ALL animals can be fitted with them. We have used Microchips in our animals for numerous years, and our boy Justin an Afghan passed away last year at the age of 15, he was fitted with a microchip as an 8 week old pup. ALL our babies leaving us for their new homes, are all micro chipped.

REMEMBER – not everyone is HONEST – if your dog or pet should stray or get lost, you may never see the animal again. SO PLEASE TAKE CARE. 

IF your pet is found, and taken to a vet or Animal shelter, they will be in a position to identify the owner of the Animal within minutes. 

IF your pet should ever be stolen, it is the only way you can prove ownership without having to go to extreme lengths. 



As the South African Market leader since 1989, with 21 years personalised service and hundreds of thousands of Identipet microchips in South Africa, we can therefore supply microchips and scanners that conform to International Standards Organisation, in 15 digit code and 10 digit code.  Our actively managed database can also store ALL manufacturers’ microchips (local and international).   Identipet microchips are also available in 48 countries.

Please remember, Identipet never closes. Information for the recovery of lost, strayed or stolen pets, is available 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Thank you for using the Identipet Lost Pet Recovery System, which is the ONLY microchip and re-homing system used and endorsed by the National Council of SPCAs.
Identipet microchips are also the ONLY microchips with patented anti-migration technology, to prevent them moving around under the animals skin. "Where you put them, is where you find them"

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