Travelling with your pet/s - HOW SAFE IS YOUR PET????

How safe is your pet while travelling in the car? 


I have mentioned this over the years in the odd article I have written.  An unfortunate accident last week has brought it back into my mind again. I heard of a little Biewer Yorkie which died from brain damage, when the vehicle the dog was travelling in, was involved in an accident.

It is difficult to safe guard a bigger dog, some people tie their lead to a part of the vehicle, this can be very dangerous, depending on how big your dog is, and what type of vehicle you have you may be able to obtain a suitable crate or carrier.

WE do not have this problem however with the Yorkie or Biewer Yorkie,  or any other small breed dog.  I have always believed in using a carrier and not allowing a dog to run all over a vehicle carte blanche. God forbid, you are involved in an accident, and a member of the public comes to your aid, and on opening the car door, your dog, understandably from the traumatic experience etc, bolts from the scene.  Quite a number of years back when I was in the property business, and we were boarding, my one little yorkie left the car without me noticing. I was very lucky to catch a glimpse of her running down the street, as we were about to drive off. If I had not seen that, I would have had no idea what had happened to her. After having this narrow escape, ALL my dogs are contained when travelling in a vehicle.  It is very easy to train a dog to use a carrier on an outing.  We have a written article on that available as well.  It goes without saying ALL cats should be contained, especially when visiting the vet.

Your carrier containing your precious pet, can be secured by the use of a seatbelt preferably in the rear passenger seat of the vehicle.  IT is also a very good idea if you travel with your pet on a regular basis, to have your dog microchipped, and possibly a collar with identification info on a disc. If you have a microchip in your dog, you will also have been given the disc that you attach to the dogs collar, stating the dog is microchipped.