We are very well known for our genuine teacup yorkies. They are healthy, robust, bred properly and raised properly. Adult weight of dogs can be as little as 600gms. We reserve the right to refuse selling a pup to a future client if we feel they are not suited to the pup in question. Available to approved homes only. We sell all our pups irrespective of their size with HEALTH GUARANTEES. You are safe in the hands of MIJOY, we guarantee what we breed.

We breed the pocket yorkie in three sizes, small,medium and large. The photograph is of Tyla, she is a small pocket,weighing 1.2kg

A wonderful family dog. OUR biewers are all genetically tested and are 100% biewer terriers. We are proud of the quality of our biewers. We recently imported biewers into SA.


We will have stunning winter clothing available shortly.

MIJOY - OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: Please take note our pups are only sold as PETS not for any breeding purposes at all, not even one litter. KINDLY read the notice regarding this. Our babies are all sold with a Sales Agreement Contract Our pups are all registered, (we do not have unregistered dogs) - inoculated and dewormed They are all sold with health guarantees They are all vet checked The tinies – have their eyes tested at the eye specialist clinic by an Eye speci

BOWS * BOWS * BOWS.... We have loads of stunning topknot bows for EVERY occasion. Very affordable. Keep watchng this site for our specials........

IN THE GARDEN ….. killer plants around Beware of your Cycad/s   The cycad believe it or not is highly toxic to dogs.  One or two seeds can kill an average sized dog.  All parts of the plant are poisonous. If you suspect your

Top knots, collars, chains – necklaces.  PLEASE take care when using any of the above on your pup or dog.  Make sure you can trust your pet not to attempt to chew or swallow any parts of these items. They could lodge in the dogs t

THE  RAINBOW  BRIDGE Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow BridgeWhen an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow BridgeThere are meadows and hills for all of our special

HI there... Second in this series we hi-light the YESTERDAY, TODAY & TOMORROW. Rather a stunning shrub featured regularly in gardens all around. Divine aroma when in flower, but BEWARE of those blooms and subsequently what happens to those bloo

 Loads of information available, from that cough that arrives in winter, to alternative homeopathic treatments.  Please note you need to have your pet diagnosed by your vet prior to using any alternative treatment.